Meditation Lessons

Find instant relief, take a deep breath, and learn the skill of meditation in the most effective way. Instead of listening to a recorded meditation, learn meditation in real-time and experience the benefits of a live and personal session.

You have options! Choose which meditation theme is best for you. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your meditation lesson.

  • Stress Relief/Relax
  • Focus/Concentration
  • Self-Love
  • Overall Mindfulness (Default)
  • Other

For an appointment, please email Andrew here:

In the email include a preferred time for the lesson, the length of the lesson, and how many people (1 or more).


10 Minute Session for 1 Person – $5 | 20 Minute Session for 1 Person – $10

10 Minute Session for 2+ Persons – $4 Each | 20 Minute Session for 2+ Persons – $8 Each

Pay AM-BFM via Venmo.

If this payment type is not possible, please include the preferred payment option in the email.

Sessions are via Zoom video call or if you prefer, a regular phone call.

For video calls, please feel free to turn patient video camera on/off, whichever is most comfortable for you!

Hope to see you soon!

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