If you feel too much in your head, concentrate on your senses. Focus on what you hear, observe what you can see, and so on. Make your senses your focal point.

The less time I spend judging other people, the less I worry about other people judging me.

Be humble when you win, be confident when you lose.

When someone is hurtful toward you, they are probably unhappy in some way. This does not excuse their action, but it can help you cope by understanding why they are the way they are.

If you are feeling down on yourself, hug yourself. Wrap your arms around yourself, as if you were hugging someone you love.

When you are stressed, try to get in touch with your body. Really feel your feet on the ground, your hands, your but on a chair, and so on. You might quickly feel relief.

Sometimes just saying – hi – with a smile can make someone’s day. Positivity is contagious.

An antidote for embarrassment is being able to laugh at yourself – don’t take life too seriously.

If you are being hard on yourself, softly repeat in your mind – “I love you. I forgive you. And I want you to be happy.”

Dedicated to MC.

We often smile when we are happy. And the opposite can work too. Make a big smile for a few moments and you’ll likely start to feel happy.

When you are with someone, feel more connected with them by imagining a magnet pulling your hearts together. Feel your hearts and energies bond as one.

You, above anyone else in this world, deserves your love.

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